Wearable Art

I wanted to make something beautiful — art I could hold and feel and wear. So my daughter Sara Makeba and I made these — beautiful fabric and shells and beads and buttons and threads. We hope you like them!

We’re offering them at the very special price of $25 just until the end of the year. Look at the photos and send us a message to let us know which one you want. We’ll send them priority in time for the holiday.


An Excellent Example of the Power of Story

I facilitate a lot of workshops. I love doing it. There is nothing like watching and listening as story builds bridges, opens doors and develops community. My favorite experience, however, was a few years ago in San Antonio. It was a conference on inclusion and I was the keynote speaker and also presented two break out sessions. In my first break out session, “We Are Our Stories: How sharing stories builds community” the room was packed. Despite our emphasis on diversity and inclusion, the folk in the classroom were seated in clumps and groups of apparent similarity. I could almost draw a diagram from what I saw. But an amazing thing happened as we proceeded. The perceived differences between us seemed to melt away. The young woman with the nose rings and the older woman in the $500 suit were sharing stories from their similar childhoods. Jaded long-time teachers were recognizing themselves in the stories of young nuns from the local diocese. Artificial boundaries came down. Without preaching. Without exhorting. Without effort. Just by the simple power of sharing personal stories.  In this video I tell a little bit about it.

Creating in Community

As a part of my MA in Creativity Studies I am doing an Arts-based inquiry project on creating in community. I’ve invited several creative people I know from around the country to join me on Facebook and share a piece of art that I can respond to creatively. There are poets, painters, textile artists, dancers, musicians…. It’s a great mix! I won’t share the work they have shared with me, but I will post a painting I did at the end of the year in response to a very talented poet/painter from Chicago. I’m so inspired to do more!



I’ve recently joined with a wonderful group of visual artists in Charleston. Our first show is this weekend. This weekend!! I’m linking to some press here.  And here.  We’re so excited! These are the pieces I’ll have in the show:

This is one of a series inspired by “Freedom Songs – From Civil War to Civil Rights”

Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me 'Roun

This painting of Martin is part of the same series. As I researched these pieces and worked on them I was struck by how young and beautiful they all were.

One day this will be me and Ron. Sooner than even I think!

Sunset at Brookgreen

If you’re in Charleston over the next couple of weeks, stop in and see us!

Riding the Wind


Someone up there is having a big laugh at my expense. Or else it’s a lesson in living by grace. I’m moving. I know. That’s not unique to me. But I’m moving in a BIG way. By the end of this month we will have moved out of three apartments in one month. I know. Crazy!

First we moved my husband and son from the apartment they were in. My husband worked 3 hours from home and had a little place near his job so that he didn’t have to do a daily commute. Instead, he and I traded weekends (with him doing the most travel, to be honest!) for several years. When my son found work in the same community, he moved into the “guy pad,” as well. Next, we moved my daughter from her apartment.  She graduated from college this spring (YAY! Hallelujah!) and is looking for employment, but in the meantime she’s hanging out with us. Now, we’re packing up the place in which I’ve lived for the past few years while working for a local company. Oh — and there are 2 storage units to pack up. And an art studio. The moving van is coming this upcoming weekend. Okay. Deep breath. I’m breathing…. Of course this is just the right time for some interesting interviews and auditions to show up as well. When? Why this week, of course!

Sometimes change creeps in and is barely noticeable, and sometimes it’s like a wind which springs up suddenly, picks up everything in its path, and re-orders life as we know it. It feels like chaos. It IS chaos. I feel a bit like Dorothy hanging on for dear life. I have no idea what the landscape will look like when the winds set me down. But I am absolutely sure that I will be set down in the place I am meant to be.