Someone up there is having a big laugh at my expense. Or else it’s a lesson in living by grace. I’m moving. I know. That’s not unique to me. But I’m moving in a BIG way. By the end of this month we will have moved out of three apartments in one month. I know. Crazy!

First we moved my husband and son from the apartment they were in. My husband worked 3 hours from home and had a little place near his job so that he didn’t have to do a daily commute. Instead, he and I traded weekends (with him doing the most travel, to be honest!) for several years. When my son found work in the same community, he moved into the “guy pad,” as well. Next, we moved my daughter from her apartment.  She graduated from college this spring (YAY! Hallelujah!) and is looking for employment, but in the meantime she’s hanging out with us. Now, we’re packing up the place in which I’ve lived for the past few years while working for a local company. Oh — and there are 2 storage units to pack up. And an art studio. The moving van is coming this upcoming weekend. Okay. Deep breath. I’m breathing…. Of course this is just the right time for some interesting interviews and auditions to show up as well. When? Why this week, of course!

Sometimes change creeps in and is barely noticeable, and sometimes it’s like a wind which springs up suddenly, picks up everything in its path, and re-orders life as we know it. It feels like chaos. It IS chaos. I feel a bit like Dorothy hanging on for dear life. I have no idea what the landscape will look like when the winds set me down. But I am absolutely sure that I will be set down in the place I am meant to be.

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