Let’s create together. Let’s create community. Let’s create dialogue. Let’s create art experiences. Let’s create our future.

I believe the most powerful thing in the world is an idea. And the most magical thing in the world is when that idea manifests into something we can engage with. That’s creativity. We can create almost anything: A pound cake. A garden. A community. Understanding. Books and art and music and… 

We can turn ideas into reality. We just have to know how.

I am storyteller and an artist, a singer and an actor, and a lover of community. I am a committed optimist (it’s like my religion). I believe we are all creative and sometimes just need a little help manifesting it. I’m good at that. In addition to years of participating in the creative process and facilitating educational, creative and community building experiences, I also have an M.A. in Creativity Studies.

Let’s create something together.

Natalie uses creative process, storytelling, and art-making to support and stimulate active problem solving, build community, make connections embrace diversity, improve business and enhance the quality of life.