Wearable Art

I wanted to make something beautiful — art I could hold and feel and wear. So my daughter Sara Makeba and I made these — beautiful fabric and shells and beads and buttons and threads. We hope you like them!

We’re offering them at the very special price of $25 just until the end of the year. Look at the photos and send us a message to let us know which one you want. We’ll send them priority in time for the holiday.


Collard Greens!

I’ve recently begun a new series and it’s near and dear to my heart. It’s about family and community and heritage and love. It’s about collard greens! More to come…
Collard Patch
St. Helena Madonna Home Grown Man Self Portrait with Collards

Creating in Community

As a part of my MA in Creativity Studies I am doing an Arts-based inquiry project on creating in community. I’ve invited several creative people I know from around the country to join me on Facebook and share a piece of art that I can respond to creatively. There are poets, painters, textile artists, dancers, musicians…. It’s a great mix! I won’t share the work they have shared with me, but I will post a painting I did at the end of the year in response to a very talented poet/painter from Chicago. I’m so inspired to do more!



I’ve recently joined with a wonderful group of visual artists in Charleston. Our first show is this weekend. This weekend!! I’m linking to some press here.  And here.  We’re so excited! These are the pieces I’ll have in the show:

This is one of a series inspired by “Freedom Songs – From Civil War to Civil Rights”

Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me 'Roun

This painting of Martin is part of the same series. As I researched these pieces and worked on them I was struck by how young and beautiful they all were.

One day this will be me and Ron. Sooner than even I think!

Sunset at Brookgreen

If you’re in Charleston over the next couple of weeks, stop in and see us!



I realized this morning that I haven’t been keeping track of my art work.  Much has been sold without my having a photo of it. So this morning I decided to collect what I can and post it here. As I find other pictures I’ll post them as well.  Most of the pics I’m posting today are no longer available. I MUST do better! Enjoy and let me know what you think.