Some Storytelling Presentations:

• Living Mouth to Hand: A personal journey tracing the power of the spoken word in a storytellers life. Includes traditional Gullah tales, non-traditional contemporary tales, personal tales and music. General and adult audiences

• Comeyah Tales: Stories and songs celebrating the history and culture of coastal South Carolina. The Lowcountry Hag, Bre’r Rabbit, and Little Sister might all make an appearance in this collection of tales. Easily adapted for all ages, from 3 to 103

• Feel Like Journey On:  From “The People Could Fly”  (South Carolina) to “The Crescent Moon Bear” (Japan) to the “Cow Tail Switch” (West African) these stories carry the listeners along on the heroic journey to self-discovery.

"It was...the wolf!"

“It was…the wolf!”


5 thoughts on “Storytelling

  1. Amber says:

    Hi Natalie! I want to thank you for the Gullah Gullah Island show! I truly enjoyed it as a preteen when it first aired, and even now as an adult. It was great to see a different culture from what I grew up with, and still sing several of the songs from the show. I love the educational (but fun) aspect of the show, and my hope is to one day be able to show that love of the show to my future kids, and to the kids that I take care of as a child care provider!

    • gullahmama says:

      Thank you Amber. I laughed when I read that you still sing songs from the show. To this day whenever I start a road trip I find myself singing, “and it’s 1, 2, 3, we’re on our way!”

  2. Ikea says:

    Hello Ms.Natalie,

    I am putting together my syllabus for my Literature and Composition Course at York Technical College in Rock Hill, SC. The theme for this particular course is based on identity and culture.

    Do you have any videos available of your storytelling? I’d love to include them.


    • gullahmama says:

      Hi Ikea,
      It sounds like an interesting syllabus. Unfortunately, I don’t have any storytelling videos. One day…
      Thanks for your interested in including me.


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