Becoming Harriet Tubman

BHT at McCallie SchoolR

The 60 minute theatrical storytelling presentation allows the audience to follow the development of little Araminta Ross as she becomes the iconic heroine known to all as Harriet Tubman.  Five characters, all played by Natalie Daise, share their perspective on the events that shaped Harriet into the woman she became. Coded message songs, as well as a haunting melody by Kim and Reggie Harris, add texture to her unique and uplifting story.

“I wrote this show at the request of JW Rone, then Executive Director of ARTWorks in Beaufort, SC. It was first performed on that stage. Since then it has traveled to many theaters and auditoriums and been presented to audiences from elementary schools to Civil War Scholars. It is the work of my heart and I love performing this one-woman show.” — Natalie

Read about the show in the press here.   Listen to a piece here.


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