Master Storyteller. Engaging Speaker. Visual Artist.

For more than 20 years, Natalie Daise has developed and facilitated interactive learning experiences for educators, students, and audiences in schools, universities, conferences, and other venues, both nationally and regionally. 

Well known to television audiences via Nick Jr. and Noggin TV’s “Gullah Gullah Island,” her accomplishments include : 

• 1997 and 1998 IMAGE Award nominations, 

• 1998 Daytime Emmy nomination 

• Silver and Gold Parent’s Choice awards 

• South Carolina’s highest honor, The Order of the Palmetto 

• South Carolina’s Jean Lacy Harris Folk Heritage Award, given for lifetime achievement and excellence in folk art. 

What people say:

“Natalie is unusually creative. Her “Miss Natalie’s Workshop” was a unique place where she brought out her customers’ artistic ability with her enthusiastic encouragement. She has a contagious personality and is a brilliant communicator. I recommend her highly.” – Patsy Collins, Owner, Be My Guest 

“Over the last few years I have had the pleasure of co-presenting early childhood workshops and trainings with Natalie Daise. She is a consummate professional who is both knowledgeable and inspiring in her presentations. …I highly recommend Natalie Daise as a presenter at  Workshops, Conferences and Trainings.  — Ellen Booth Church, Early Childhood Consultant 

“Natalie is a fabulous speaker at events, a powerful actress (or funny if that is necessary), an artist, an artistic designer of things or services, a provider of ideas and history to students and viewers, to name a few. She is a positive person who can help individuals or businesses or organizations with her her knowledge, abilities and charm.”  — Sue Jarret, Owner, Jarret Photography 

“Natalie came and spoke to the boys at McCallie school at the beginning of February.  She has such a sweet spirit and is so easy to work with.  She spoke to the boys about the importance of stories in such a way that engaged the boys on another level.  She came out from behind the podium and shared her talk with her whole person.  There was no doubt that she had the young men’s attention as she made personal applications with her stories to their lives.   She also did a evening presentation for us that was soul stirring to say the least.  She has an amazing voice and acting ability which spell binds people.  We thoroughly enjoyed having her at our school and I would recommend her to anyone. ”  — Josh Deitrick, The McCallie School

A Partial Presentation List: 

Piccolo Spoleto • NHSA National Parents Conference • NHSA National Conference • NAEYC • Brookgreen Gardens • College of Charleston

• Arts Council of Beaufort County •Coastal Carolina Performing Arts Center • Conference on Inclusion, San Antonio, TX

• First Steps Early Education Conference • Southern Women’s Writers Conference, Berry College • University of South Carolina

• Coastal Carolina University • Beaufort County School District • Pickens County Library System • Purdue University

• Unitarian Church in Charleston, SC • Civil War Roundtable • Baylor School, Chattanooga, TN


8 thoughts on “Master Storyteller. Engaging Speaker. Visual Artist.

  1. Liz & Levi says:

    My 3 yr old Levi discovered your show on amazon and hasn’t stopped watching it daily since. He has learned so much already from Gullah Gullah island and your gentle encouraging nature. So much that I was curious where the show came from and found the history and your site. He is currently finding all the instruments around the house to play with spoons & utensils and make his own rain band. Haha, he can’t get enough. I told him I would write you and let you know how much of a fan he is! Have a great day. Xo Levi and Liz Lopez

  2. Dear Mrs. Daise,

    We have long been interested in the culture of the Gullah Geechee and would love the opportunity to see the day in the life of this community in the United States. We are interested in interviewing those that are a part of the Gullah/Geechee nation as well as hear personal stories.

    Most recently we worked with the Oyotunji Village in Sheldon, South Carolina and want to continue to highlight the amazing communities within the US.

    A little bit about Zoomin.TV:

    Zoomin TV is Europe’s largest online video news service. The headquarters are located in the center of Amsterdam, but Zoomin TV also has several smaller offices in other countries. We are also based in Brussels, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Milan, London, Toronto, New York, Miami, Montevideo, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires.
    Zoomin TV produces hundreds of news videos daily in more than eleven languages, distributed on hundreds of digital platforms in more than thirteen countries.

    Feel free to visit our corporate website, http://www.Zoomin.TV, to have a look at the different videos, the different language feeds and categories.

    Zoomin TV works together with digital news paper platforms, but also with internet giants, such as YouTube, Daily Motion, MSN Video, AOL, Yahoo Video, and AJ+.
    AJ+ picked up a recent story of ours for a mobile shower for the homeless in San Francisco that now has 14 million views.

    Each editorial desk of Zoomin TV produces daily up to twenty videos average, seven days a week. TV supplies her partners with videos within the categories of national and international news, business and entertainment news, sports, lifestyle and remarkable events. Zoomin TV collaborates with several content partners in The Netherlands and abroad, these content partners supply editors daily with video material.

    Please let me know if you have any questions. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

    Kind Regards,
    Danica Steinhauser

  3. Matthew says:


    I can’t believe I am speaking to you right now! I want to give you and Ron a big thank you for being an awesome part of my childhood! Gullah Gullah Island is one of 3 programs on Nick Jr that were my top favorites! The other 2 are Little Bear, and Blue’s Clues. Your show has not only helped me, but showed me how to relate in the world with different problems and how to fix them. I have autism by the way. 2 complete episodes along with an almost complete episode have been taped on a VHS 20 plus years ago and the quality is still in good shape!

    Thank you again, and hope to hear from you in the future! God Bless!

    • gullahmama says:

      Dear Matthew,
      I’m sorry it has taken so long to respond. The end of this year has been a bit crazy. Thank you for your lovely note. How cool that the VHS is still intact!

      Looking ahead to good things,

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