Wearable Art

I wanted to make something beautiful — art I could hold and feel and wear. So my daughter Sara Makeba and I made these — beautiful fabric and shells and beads and buttons and threads. We hope you like them!

We’re offering them at the very special price of $25 just until the end of the year. Look at the photos and send us a message to let us know which one you want. We’ll send them priority in time for the holiday.


3 thoughts on “Wearable Art

  1. lisanee says:

    Hey Natalie. I was so happy to find your blog. My girls and I loved watching Gullah Gullah Island and I still make what I called “big fat biscuits”!! I love these necklaces and wanted to see if they are still available and what they cost at this time.

    • gullahmama says:

      Hey Lisanee, Thanks for getting in touch. I laughed about the biscuits. Ron is still the biscuit baker in our house all these years later! Yes, I still have some of the necklaces. $25 + $6 priority mail anywhere in the states. I’m heading out of town to present at an early childhood conference (music and play in the classroom — fun stuff!) but just let me know and I’ll take care of it when I return.

      Have a wonderful day.

      • lisanee says:

        Thanks so much for the information and the quick response. My middle daughter is in her second year of college for elementary education and works at the center for early childhood development at IUPUI in Indianapolis. Where is your conference? It sounds wonderful. I will get you my order shortly.

        Have safe travels!


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